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Our vision is a world where every child with cancer has equal access to the best treatment and care.

Annual Review (in dutch) 2023

Annual Review (in english) 2022

Annual Review (in dutch) 2021 

Annual Review (in dutch) 2020

Annual Review (in dutch) 2022

Annual Review (in dutch) 2019

Annual Review (in dutch) 2018 

Annual Review (in dutch) 2017

Read our current policy plan of World Child Cancer NL here

ANBI obligations

ANBI disclosure requirement 2020
ANBI disclosure requirement 2021
ANBI disclosure requirement 2022
ANBI disclosure requirement 2023

World Child Cancer Projects


Read here our current policy plan of World Child Cancer Projects. 

RSIN/fiscal number: 863910725.

ANBI obligations World Child Cancer Projects

ANBI disclosure requirement 2022

Code of conduct

All employees of World Child Cancer NL and people who work for Outreach with the financial support of World Child Cancer NL, have to comply with the Code of Conduct. They sign the code of conduct before they start working for our twinning partners.
Code of Conduct for Representatives – Code of Ethics – Child safeguarding policy.


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Annual Reviews & Accounts

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